The Daytime VS Nightime Set is an upcoming card set by Occorru based on decks stacked for play during the Day or Night time frames.

It is the second set in the Minecraft TCG, following the Base Set and most likely preceding what is to be a Weather Set.

Cards IncludedEdit



  • C101: Forest
  • C102: Sapling
  • C103: Torch
  • C104: Tree
  • C105: Apple
  • C106: Sunshine
  • C107: Moonlight
  • C108: Tall Grass
  • C109: Red Flower
  • C110: Yellow Flower
  • C111: Gold Horse Armor


  • U101: Pruning
  • U102: Spider
  • U103: Tree Farm
  • U104: Wolf
  • U105: Golden Apple
  • U106: Witch
  • U107: Horse
  • U108: Iron Horse Armor


  • R101: Enchanted Golden Apple
  • R102: Witch's Hut
  • R103: Diamond Horse Armor

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